Video Production

We create unique videos for your needs! Since 2010, we've collaborated with Rooftop Sessions Chicago to provide video production to our clients. Whether you need a full, live performance music video or a video created for your crowd-funding project, we've got you covered.

Live Music Recording

We work with you and anywhere you want to record! We'll work with the you and the venue staff to get the cleanest signals to tape. Our mobile rig is capable of 16 tracks of input completely independent from the venue's PA system. Whether you're playing a show at the Metro or The Hideout, wanting a recording made in your rehearsal space, or you've got a piano in your home that you'd like to record, we can accommodate!

Podcasts, Lectures, Conferences, Author Readings

We work with you and anywhere you host your event! Whether you're in the Newberry Library, Chicago Cultural Center, or in your own store, we're set up to record your event. From podium mics and audience mics to audio from your presentation, we'll capture your event for a broadcast quality recording. This service includes set-up and recording of the event as well as the subsequent edit and mix of the captured media.


We tweak your audio to clean up hiss and crackle! Do you have a recording that's full of hissing and cracks? Want that old recording you made on cassette tape back in the 70s or 80s to sound crystal clear? Got some old vinyl albums that you want to hear on your CD player or iPod? We can clean tracks to eliminate the noise that's plaguing your audio.